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Stand-up comedian Kristen Frisk was born in Santa Clara, CA. She moved 14 times by the time she was 14. Needless to say, she knows how to mingle. Kristen was 7 the first time getting on stage. 10 years later, she was voted class clown and had to perform a comedy skit in front of her senior class. It was then she realized, making people laugh with and at her, was a safe and satisfying escape from her turbulent past.


Frisk’s comedy is without filters…elaborating on kids, work, health, body issues, family dysfunction, and romantic innuendos, marriage, and divorce. She’s making her mark as a female comic, proving that women can be smart, sassy and funny. She constantly strives to make beauty from ashes and uses her quit wit and sarcasm from her life experiences to uplift and make others smile.


Kristen has Featured for acts such as Adele Givens, Natasha Leggero, Jennifer Coolidge, and Scott Capurro. Kristen is also known for being the apartment wife of the Real Funny Housewives of Rio Linda, however increased her credit score just enough to be able to buy her first home.

Kristen is steadily working her way up the comedy club chain at venues such as Laugh’s Unlimited Comedy Club - Sacramento, CA, Punchline - Sacramento, CA and Tommy Ts - Pleasanton, CA. She's majored in bad life decisions, however, is now applying herself like makeup and ready for the next level of comedy…whatever that may be.


"Kristen Frisk (Nominated for Sacramento's best Comedian 2013).”


"Kristen Frisk, Featured Comedian in last night's Love to Laugh show, serenaded the whole building while singing her version of Adele's "Hello" to her vagina. She also talked sh*t about douchebag meatheads (me) checking their pecs out instead of working out at the gym. My favorite part of the night was her informative demonstration of her cat's seduction techniques, and how they win over Kristen's breast milk, "kid on one nipple, kitty on the other." I can't wait to stand in line to buy tickets for your HBO hour long special. Check her out guys, she has an amazing outlook on life and always reminds me to keep a damn smile on my face..”

-Austin Diamond - Alley Katz, Citrus Heights



"Went and saw a show on a tuesday night. It was open mik night. Saw a funny Comedian from California, Kristen Frisk. She was incredible. Had that funny material/west coast humor.

Trip Advisor for Rick Bronson's House of Comedy

Thank God for the comedians that were there. Kristen Frisk was the best. I will certainly attend more of her shows. 

- Goldstar for George's Nightclub


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